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11th June

Good evening all, hope you all had a good weekend at the MAP Open.

Just a reminder to you all that this Sunday June 11th will be the final round of the CGTRO National Qualifiers. PLEASE NOTE the first two heats will be national qualifiers only. Anybody else who attends we will have two heats and finals AFTER the qualifiers.

We are also looking to have an adult Junior Special race. Please note this is not final so all depends of how the other races go.

Qualifiers will begin at 10.30 prompt, scrutineering will open at 08.30.

I wish all you who are qualifying the very best of luck and all those that are just racing just racing a very good meeting. See you all at the weekend, Karl.

Thank You

Thanks to everybody who came to the track today. It's starting to look good with only five weeksn until our first meeting.

Thanks again, Karl Bedford

Work Party

If any of you still fancy a breath of fresh air after the scunny shakedown has been postponed, then you can come to trent for a work party.

There are posts to paint, some armco to replace, marshal posts to paint, posts and fencing to strim around.

Also if anybody has some spare white paint for the posts and marshal posts it would be appreciated. Also if anybody has some green paint for the commentary and signing on units, it would be appreciated too.

Please bring with you paint and brushes, strimmers, spanners, hammers and let's get cracking.

Thanks, Karl Bedford

2017 Licences

Anybody who requires a licence from Trent, please contact Jo Bedford as we won't be holding a licence night this month.

If you want to race at Scunthorpe Shakedown then you will need a licence so don't delay or you won't be able to race at the Shakedown.

Thanks, Jo

Trent Drivers - UKAC

If any Trent drivers would like to race at our UKAC, we need you to confirm as soon as possible to ensure that you don't miss out on getting entered.

Due to the expectations of entries filling quickly for our round, please don't leave it to chance if you want to race on home turf.

To confirm, please contact Jason Baker or Karl Bedford

This is for full Trent Drivers only

Work Party

Thanks to everyone who attended the open meeting last night, getting things rolling now.

Another work party has been organised for Saturday 18th February (all welcome). The season is creeping up fast and work needs to be done.

Thanks, Karl

Change of Club Meeting

Due to commitments in place I've unfortunately had to change the evening of our open meeting. Instead of it being on Thursday 26th January, I've had to bring it forward to Wednesday 25th January.

Sorry for the inconvenience its at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub in Ruskington.

Thanks, Karl


Time to start getting ready for the new season, a new season which brings us as a Club our first major meeting in 14 years, our last major Championship being the record breaking opening round of the BAS in 2003 at South Rauceby for which ironically was in similar conditions to our first meeting of last year, even more ironically our meeting last year was jokingly named BAS 0.5!

14 years later and we host the opening round of the UKAC, one for which we anticipate being a record breaker in it's own right while we clash with Ireland - the first time this has happened since the inauguration of the UKAC in 2014.

More details are set to be confirmed over the coming weeks and months with a lot of hard work already being put in.

Sponsorship opportunities are now available, please contact Tracey Rowland to find out more.

Tradestands are welcome, for details please contact Jason Baker.

For general queries, please feel free to contact Karl Bedford.

Looking forward to more success! Thanks, Jason

Thank You

Well what a superb end to 2016 we've done the Christmas Pudding Meeting. A huge thank you to everybody who came to support the day, also to everybody involved from Trent members to Trent Committee, also Vivienne and Pete from Cambridge who marshalled for us all day. Thank you so so much for your help very much appreciated by us all. We certainly pulled it off, four heats, finals and a champion of champions race.

Give yourselves a pat on the back. Anyway folks, just my chairmans dribble, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year and hope to see you in 2017.

Thanks again, Karl

Christmas Pudding Meeting

Are you missing the buzz of racing yet? We certainly are! Christmas is fast approaching and as such .. so is the first ever Trent Christmas Pudding Meeting!

In order to race at this event, we are asking that you enter via the Christmas Pudding page on this website .. we do ask that you make a pre-payment of £10.00 per driver and this will of course be taken off your gate fees. Full fees are available on the Christmas Pudding Meeting Page.

If we cancel due to weather or any other circumstances, all payments will be refunded in full at the earliest possible opportunity.

Without you guys entering, the meeting will not run .. if we get enough support and the meeting turns out to be as good as we expect it to be, we will look to hold the event in years to come!

Full information is available on the Trent Website, but for any queries, please fee free to contact Jason Baker.

Vote By Proxy

As we near closer to the 2017 Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub on Sunday 4th December, the option to vote by proxy has now opened. Please note that you must supply your NASA Licence Number in order for your vote to be counted. Likewise, if you attend the AGM in person, your vote by proxy will no longer count and you will have to vote in the room.

More information and the opportunity to vote by proxy is available Here.

Christmas Pre Entry

Pre Entry is now open for those wishing to attend the 2016 Trent Christmas Pudding Meeting. We are asking for Pre Entry and Pre Payment so as to gauge the number of people expected to attend. Suppliers are more expensive for the Christmas Bank Holiday so we need to know how many toilets / catering vans etc are needed.

A cost of £10.00 is required to pre enter however if the meeting is cancelled, all those who have paid their pre entry will be refunded in full at the earliest opportunity.

For any entry queries, please contact Jason Baker.

Click Here to find out more and enter for the meeting.

Christmas Pudding Meeting

Have you ever been to a Christmas meeting? Many certainly haven't and we are very much looking forward to this event at Trent on Bank Holiday Tuesday 27th December 2016. We are proud to be the Club to run a meeting in the middle of the Christmas Holidays and hope we will have your support.

PLUS! Bare in mind that if you support this event well enough, and of course we don't make a loss with increased hire prices, we will look to possibly run the event again in future years .. it's down to you as to whether you can plan to go racing at Christmas in future years to come!

PLEASE NOTE - we intend to make a final decision as to whether we run by Saturday 24th December so that you have plenty of time to arrange plans.

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Good Luck

We'd like to wish all the Trent members that are competing in the Mens Nationals this weekend:

T9 - Daniel Godfrey - Class Five
T13 - Simon Hornby - Class Six
T5 - Stuart Whitehouse - Class Eight
T23 - Graham Moss - Class Nine

Points Online

The points are now online following the penultimate points meeting at Trent. The fifth and final points meeting of the year is on Sunday 9th October who which we hope to see you all there to secure your trophies - many are still within chance of changing!

Please also remember that the 50% ruling means that if you have not done three of the five meetings, you will not be eligible for a trophy at the end of the year. If the final meeting cancelled, you must have done a minimum of two meetings.

For any questions on the points, please contact Jason Baker.

Thank You

I'd just like to say thank you so much to each and every one of you for supporting Trent today. Thank you to all who helped also to the drivers. Quote a few incidents today but I think everyone who was unfortunately involved is all okay, just a few bruises. All who's been involved running the meeting deserves a well pat on the back. Thank you once again to you all and hope to see you at our next meeting on the 9th of October.

31st July Details

We're pleased to confirm that we are racing this weekend at Grange Farm, Hougham, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2AF. The weather is looking grand, can't quite believe how long this summer thing is lasting!

This is traditionally our best meeting of the year (altough if we can beat 223 drivers as we had at the beginning of the year, we'll be ecstatic!), with plenty of people wanting to race as they can't at the Nationals or for those who want final minute testing. Either way, this is normally a great meeting and we expect the same from this weekend.

We also welcome Radio Newark to the meeting this weekend as they come to have themselves a go at Autograss Racing following a successful story on Autograss a couple of weeks ago with the station.

Presentation Evening tickets will be available over the course of the weekend, please find Jason Baker to purchase. This meeting is the penultimate points round for Trent.

Any questions, feel free to contact either Karl Beford or Jason Baker, both set of contact details are available on the contact page of this website.

Gates Open: 12.00noon Saturday
Scrutineering*: 08.30 - 10.00am Sunday
Signing On*: 08.30am - 10.15am Sunday
Drivers Talk: 10.25am Sunday
First Race: 10.30am Sunday

* Will be run on Saturday for an hour if enough cars and interest to warrant.

See you all Sunday, Jason Baker, Secretary.

Points Online

I'm pleased to confirm that the points for the 2016 Club Championship are now online following our points meeting on Sunday.

ADULTS write up - After three rounds many were quite possibly expecting to see more of a gap at the top, however only 37 points separates 1st and 3rd place in the Tommy Crowden Memorial Shield. Although moving into the ladies this year, your two times Junior Club Champion Chloe Reynolds looks to move forward be the first person in many years to take the Adults Club Champion title in their first year out of Juniors. Adam Roplh lies in second, just 8 points behind your leader with your defending Champion, Ryan Sayer, lying third.

JUNIORS write up - having been part of the winning team in the Nev's County Cup Challenge, Sorren can now look to set his sights on the Junior Club Championship. After this weekend, Sorren lies 72 points ahead of second place Junior Mollie Richardson who may regret not being able to attend the first meeting. Ellis Kerry lies third and then we move to Emily Richardson and Allyssa Faunch who lie fourth and fifth respectively.

All points are now available on the Points page of this website, so head over and take a look! Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Well done all, Jason Baker, Secretary.

Nev's County Cup Challenge

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2016 Nev's County Cup Challenge. Up over double the number of entries this year with a total of 12 teams entered - looking on the up going forward!

With all said and done it ended up that the defending Championships couldn't be beaten, having secured the trophy for the second time before the finals got under way.

So a big congratulations to your two times Nev's County Cup Challenge Champions:
Sorren Powell - T777 - Junior
Hannah Fletcher - SP102 - Lady
Marcus Fletcher - SP102 - Man

Can anyone beat them next year? Only time will tell!

Points Online

I'm pleased to say that the points are now online following our meeting on Sunday... it's taken a bit longer due to the circumstances surrounding the meeting. We've agreed that NO points will be gained for heat two for either the Class Championship or Tommy Crowden Memorial Shields (Club Championships) and therefore only your heat one points will be used. This is the fairest way to do this for all involved.

ADULTS write up - After two rounds of the Club Championship, it's still close at the top with just 18 points separating the top three. Stuart Whitehouse in T5 heads the way with 146 points. Stuart is well known for being one of the top drivers to beat, but in this Club Championship, his closest contender is actually a lady in the form of Chloe Reynolds in T630 just ten points behind Stuart with 136.. not content with being two time Junior Club Champion, Chloe now looks to take the challenge to Stuart for the Adults Shield in just her first Adult season. Steven Faunch lies third in the standings with 128 points, for a man who says so often "I just want to race and have fun" - he's sure showing he wants to be competitive at the top as well!

JUNIORS write up - As the only Junior so far to have attended both of the first two meetings, Sorren Powell heads the way in the Junior Club Championship with 80 points after his well deserved victory on Sunday. Ellis Kerry can breath a little lighter after not attending this meeting, falling just 13 points down from Sorren in Class and Club Championships with 70 points. Mollie Richardson is the top Junior Special, having only attended the last meeting so far but with a win straight away on the table slots her into third place with 55 points. Newcomers Allyssa Faunch in T513 and Emily Richardson in T592 hold the fourth and fifth spots with 28 and 21 points respectively after an impressive outing for both in adverse conditions.

All the points are now available on the Points page of this website, head over and take a look! Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Well done all, Jason Baker, Secretary.

Club Meeting Request

Following numerous messages from Trent members, we'd like to know when you, the Members would like to see a Club Meeting held. Due to a committee meeting toward the end of next week, it would need to be following the BAS / UKAC weekend. Venue will be Ruskington as normal, but due to travel and this time of year - we'd like you to decide when this meeting will be... so let us know what works best for you and we'll try to work to that.

Note that the reason we no longer hold "regular monthly" Club Meetings is due to the lack of support that these meetings got. You as the Membership have asked for a meeting and we are happy to accommodate that, but we do ask for you to support these meetings.

If you have anything that you'd want discussed about the Whiterose Rose Bowl meeting from a Trent perspective, please put in writing to either Karl or myself so we can bring up at a Committee meeting / liase with Whiterose if needed.

Thanks, Jason Baker, Secretary.

Qualifiers Released!

Following the final round of National Qualifying at Trent on Sunday, we can now confirm the 2016 CGTRO National Qualifiers. Find out more on the League page of this website.

Query Update

Thanks to everyone who braved the conditions at the weekend, typically the track was drying out nicely just as the rain came and but a dampener on what was looking to be a day full of cracking racing.. Theoretically our next meeting on 31st July should be a lot better!!

Now to answer the questions everyone has been asking since the weekend..

POINTS- Due to the second heat ceasing half way through, the committee have yet to confirm how the points are being worked out, I'd hope that the points will be online by end of tomorrow evening.

PICS / VIDS- I'm not sure if anyone was at the meeting taking photos, but I do know that Jan Shaw was videoing the meeting. Take a look on YouTube for MDH Racing.

CLUB MEETING- A few of you have asked if we are due a club meeting. At this time, the committee felt there wouldn't be one in the near future. Of course, if you want to raise any issues / suggestions / queries feel free to put in writing to myself. My email is

QUALIFYING POINTS- I'll upload the points to this website tonight as well as also updating you on our league Qualifiers later on as well.

Thanks all, Jason Baker, Secretary.

Whiterose Marshalls

For the Rose Bowl meeting in July, Kev Griffiths has asked me to see who would like to Marshall that weekend whether it's just one day or both days, likewise any help for other jobs that may be available. Let's support Whiterose as much as we can.

Please let me know what you want to do and I will pass it on to Kev. Please let me know by Saturday 25th June.

Thanks, Karl Bedford, Trent Chairman.

Thank You

Firstly I would ike to congratulate all CGTRO drivers who have got to the nationals this year and hope those who tried their very best are not too disappointed

Secondly, a massive thank you once again for all your help today at Trent, really was very appreciated. If I name people I may miss somebody's name out but you know who you all are.

Once the qualifiers was out the way, the track looked fast but unfortunately the rain came down too much and stopped play.

Thank you all again and hope to see you at Trent on 2nd and 3rd July for the Rose Bowl meeting hosted by Whiterose Autograss Club.

Regards, Karl Bedford, Trent Chairman.

Race Meeting Details

First and foremost, we look forward to welcoming you all once again to our second meeting of the year this weekend at Grange Farm, Hougham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2AF. After such a great meeting with 223 drivers, we're sure we've proven how well we and the track can hold up to so much superb racing!

SCRUTINEERING - We have made the decision to run some scrutineering on Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for those who wish to utilise. Signing On will also be open 7pm to 8pm.

WHITEROSE ROSE BOWL - for those of you who haven't been before, this is your last chance to try out the track before it is used to host the first meeting in 10 years by the Whiterose Club on 2nd and 3rd July.

NEV'S COUNTY CUP CHALLENGE - Although Whiterose are running on our original two day meeting, the Nev's County Cup Challenge, in Memoriam of our late President Neville Percival, will still run alongside. ALL RACES count with the exception of opens. To enter, you need a team made up of one Mens Licence Holder, one Ladies Licence Holder, One Junior Licence Holder and a team name. Entry is free. The top team on points at the end of the finals on Sunday will win the Nev's County Cup Shield, sponsored by MDH Racing. Note this part of the meeting is Trent's and not Whiterose. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SENT TO JASON BAKER NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 29TH JUNE. NO ENTRIES WILL BE EXCEPTED ON THE DAY. Entries can be made either by direct message on Facebook or by emailing

Gates Open: 12:00noon Saturday
Scrutineering (Sat): 6pm to 8pm
Signing On (Sat): 7pm to 8pm
Scrutineering (Sun): 08.30am - 10.00am
Signing On (Sun): 08.30am - 10.10am
Drivers Talk: 10.20am
First Race: 10.30am (NOT 11.00am as in the fixture book)

Trent this weekend: Karl Bedford 07505 038749 / Jason Baker 07468 290539
Whiterose Rose Bowl: Kev Griffiths 07545 175821
Nev's County Cup Challenge: Jason Baker 07468 290539

Upcoming Work Party

Firstly, thanks to all that came to the Club Meeting on Wednesday night. As we look forward to hte next meeting on 12th June, we've arranged a work party for this Saturday 23rd April. If you can make it down for about 10am that would be great, many hands many little work. If we get enough help, we should be away by 2pm.

There's a few bits that need to be sorted, few posts to sort, Marshall posts, signing on etc etc. so plenty to be done.

If you have any questions, please contact either Karl Bedford (Chairman) or Jason Baker (Secretary).

UKAC - Round One

Good to see so many Trent drivers signing up for the first round of the 2016 UKAC at Nottingham Club on 30th April and 1st May. If you haven't done so already, please do so on the Entries page of the UKAC website. You only have until next Tuesday 26th April to enter and pay your £10 entry fee. If you do not enter, you won't be able to race. You can't just turn up and expect to race.

Club Meeting

Quick reminder that we have a club meeting, open to all, on Wednesday 13th April, 8pm start at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, Ruskington, NG34 9DU. If you have any correspondence, or wish to leave your apologies, please contact Jason Baker.

Dual Members

The 2016 Club Championship points have now been updated to include the 2016 Dual Members (as received 11/04/2016). It's certainly mixed up the order in a couple of classes now!

Points Online

Following an extraordinary first meeting, the first set of Trent Club Championship points are now online.

DUAL MEMBERS: Please note that I have not included in this first version of the points. This is purely because we want to get it right first time, and therefore I will wait for the full list of Dual Members before putting you on to ensure I don't miss any one.

If you have any questions regarding the points, please don't hesitate to contact me, my contact details are on the contact page of the Trent Website.

Thanks, Jason Baker

Club Meeting

Following a fantastic meeting, we will be holding an open meeting for all members to attend next Wednesday, 13th April at 8pm. The Venue will be the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, Ruskington, NG34 9DU.

If you cannot make the meeting and wish to give your apologies or want to send us any correspondence for this meeting, please contact our Secretary, Jason Baker whose contact details are on the contact page of this website.

Thank You!

A Message from your Chairman:
Well well well, what can I say??
Woke up this morning and not expecting the turn out of cars we had today, 230 cars signed on.
Firstly, I'd just like to apologise for this morning for the stress and for the wait to get people pulled onto the field.
A huge thank you to the Trent members and CGTRO League from Sturton and Scunthorpe and also other Clubs who gave us their help too. Thank you for all your hard work you put in today, we couldn't of done this without you all. As Trent being a small Club, I think this may put Trent back on the map.
Last of all, a very big thank you to all driver's who travelled far and wide to support Trent. I hope to see you all again in the not too distant future and also CGTRO cars.
If I've missed anybody I do apologise, but each and every one of you I cannot thank you enough for what you have done today.
Kind Regards,

Karl Bedford and the Trent team.

Sunday 3rd April

We'd just like to let everyone know that we intend to make a final decision as to the status of our first meeting on Wednesday evening and will let you know as soon as we know for sure.

The weather has been very kind to us, and with a track that drains as well as it does, we are looking good for the weekend. We had someone at the track at the weekend and they were kicking up the dust! So we're looking good, but we'll wait until Wednesday to say for definite that we are racing

REMEMBER not to believe the rumours, the official status of the meeting will be put on the Trent Facebook page, website and NASA website. Do not assume we are cancelled on hearsay unless you see on one of these sites, we'd hate for you to miss out after all!

Hope to see you all Sunday!

July Two Day Meeting

We're pleased to inform you of an exciting new venture for the 2016 season.

Whiterose Club have contacted Trent and asked that they run a meeting at Trent's venue. Following discussions between both Clubs, it has been agreed that Whiterose will run the Trent two-day meeting at Trent's venue on 2nd and 3rd July 2016.

As most of you know, Whiterose have been without a track for some time now but that doesn't mean they aren't looking, nor wanting to run meetings. They have approached Trent as a Club that has supported Whiterose right through our time at Grange Farm and we are pleased to be able to support Whiterose in such a way, giving their committee and members the insight into running meetings ready for when they have their own.

This meeting has been christened "The Rose Bowl", those of you who have been involved in Autograss long enough will remember this traditional and well supported event run by the Whiterose Club when they last had a track. Hopefully it's reincarnation will be the start of great things to come for the Club.

More information will be available over the coming weeks and months with a full update for all Trent members at our Club Meeting (including licences) on Wednesday 20th January at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, Ruskington.

Please note that the Saturday will be for Whiterose Club Championship points and the Sunday wil be for Trent Club Championship points - as it would have been if Trent were running the meeting.

Nev's County Cup Challenge will still incorporated into this weekend, running a similar format as 2015, still keeping the team challenge.

Once we have fully updated our members and Whiterose theirs, more details will be published on the Trent and Whiterose Facebook and websites.

2016 Licence Applications

Licences are now available for the 2016 season, please contact Jo Bedford to have a licence form posted to you, or don't forget we are having a club meeting / licence evening on Wednesday 20th January.

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all the members and supporters of Trent a very saft Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you all have plenty to eat and drink and hope Santa is kind to you. All the very best wishes and hope to see you all in 2016. From all the Trent Team.

2016 Committee

Thanks to all who came to the AGM last night, confirmation of our 2016 Committee:

Chairperson: Karl Bedford
Vice Chairperson: Mark Percival
Secretary: Jason Baker
Licence Secretary: Jo Bedford
Treasurers: Jo Bedford and Sally Fletcher
Chief Track Marshall: Hayden Fletcher
Chief Scrutineer: Jak Bedford
Assistant Scrutineers: Dean Percival and Pete Fletcher
Safety Officer: Jason Baker
Assistant Safety Officers: Steve Allett and Ian Armstrong
Drivers Rep: Jak Bedford
PR Officer: Meisha Reynolds

AGM Reminder

Our AGM is soon going to be upon us. This will be on Wednesday 18 November, starting at 8pm at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub in Ruskington. Dinner Dance tickets will be available to purchase. If you cannot make the AGM but wish to vote, please feel free to vote by Proxy. You will need your licence number handy.

2016 Gate Fees

At the League Meeting, it has been agreed that the entry fee will be increased to accomodate for increasing running costs.

2016 Fixtures Released!

We are pleased to announce our 2016 Race Dates at Grange Farm, Hougham.

Vote By Proxy

We have once again opened the opportunity for members to vote by proxy for the person/s they would like to see on the 2016 Trent Autograss Club Committee.

This should only be used by those valid 2015 Trent Members who are not able to attend the AGM. If you do vote by proxy and then attend the meeting, you proxy vote WILL NOT count and you vote on the night will.

Club Championship Points Updated

The points have been updated following our meeting at the weekend. We've just one meeting left to gain points for the Class Championships and the Tommy Crowden Shields. This is Sunday 11th October.. we hope to see you all there.

Chairmans Message

Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone of you who has supported Trent this year, from away drivers to Trent drivers to officials and David and Olly for t he use of their land. A few issues within this season but let's hope we can put them right and look forward to seeing you all in 2016. Thanks again, Karl Bedford (Chairman)

Club Championship Points Updated

The points have been updated following our meeting at the weekend. We've just one meeting left to gain points for the Class Championships and the Tommy Crowden Shields. This is Sunday 11th October.. we hope to see you all there.

Team Entries

Entries for the Nev's County Cup Challenge weekend are still being taken. We ask that you apply online before the weekend. If you are still searching for that final team member, not to worry.. you can enter on the Saturday morning however all entries must be with in before 11.00am on Saturday. Online entries will close on Friday night. If you wish to enter on the day, please see Jason Baker.

Congratulations Chloe and Sam!

A big congratulations to Chloe Reynolds, T630 and Sam Middleton, T909 who have both won 3rd place in the CGTRO Grand Prix Junior Saloons and Junior Specials respectively. Not only have they just got third, but they have also qualified for the Junior CGTRO Grand Prix Champion of Champions Race. A great achievement and we're chuffed to see two Trent juniors doing so well in the Grand Prix Series.

CGTRO Grand Prix

The points of the CGTRO Grand Prix are now online following the Scunthorpe Race Meeting. This now means that all the rounds of the 2015 CGTRO Grand Prix are now completed with the Grand Prix Champion of Champion Races being at Trent this weekend.

Out of Racing Meetings

Following the Club Meeting last night, we would like to confirm the following events arranged during the closed season:

2016 AGM - Wednesday 18 October 2015 @ Shoulder of Mutton Pub
2016 Licence Evening and Open Meeting - Wednesday 20 January 2016
2015 Presentation Evening - Saturday 13 February 2016

More details to follow closer to the time of each event.

Dominant Duo

Trent would like to congratulate Jase and Georgia Garnett on their fantastic achievements at the 2015 Fastest Man On Grass meeting, with Jase winning Fastest Man; Georgia winning the Fastest Lady Special and Fastest Lady. A great acheivement for you both, not to mention all the records that you have broken between you which include:

First F600 to win Fastest Lady on Grass
First F600 to win Fastest Lady Special On Grass
First F600 to win Fastest Man On Grass
Youngest ever Fastest Lady Special On Grass
Youngest ever Fastest Lady On Grass
First time Fastest Lady won by a lady in her first year out of Juniors
First time father and daughther have won the Fastest Man and Lady title in the same meeting
First time the same car has won the Fastest Man and Lady in the same meeting
And probably the most records broken in one meeting!!

A big big well done to you both!

Open Meeting Reminder

Please remembe that we have an open meeting on Wednesday 09 September at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, 8pm start. Please send all apologies to Jason Baker.

Team Clarification

Ladies - a lady team member can hold either a mens or ladies licence. Provided you have one man, one lady and one junior, this is fine.

Tommy Crowden - to confirm, the memorial shield for Nev's County Cup Challenge is completely separate to the Tommy Crowden Memorial Shields. Points for the Tommy Crowden Shield, as with the rest of the Club Championship will only be gained on Sunday 27th for this meeting.

Team Entries

Team entries have now opened for Nev's County Cup Challenge on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September. You will need just one mens licence holder, one lady and one junior and then a team name to go with it. You can get two day licences to cover you for this event.

Any drivers not wanting to join a team can still race as normal, they just won't be gaining points for the shield. There is no fee for entering this meeting or your team. Trent Members, please remember it is only Sunday 27 September that counts for points out of the two days mentioned here. Saturday is not a points meeting.

For any questions regarding the meeting, please contact Karl Bedford. For any points queries, please contact Jason Baker (points will be sorted at the meeting so points can be viewed over night Saturday).

Open Meeting

An open meeting has been scheduled to discuss matters regarding the club before our two day meeting in September. It gives us a chance to get all the plans together to work on pulling off a cracking two dayer.

This open meeting will be on Wednesday 09 September at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, Ruskington starting at 8pm. This is the Wednesday following the Ladies and Juniors Nationals.

We'd like to see as many Trent members in attendance as possible so we can get things sorted out more efficiently and hopefully quicker as well.

Points Published

The Club Championship and Tommy Crowden Memorial Shields points have been updated following todays race meeting. Please Click Here to view the latest Club points.
The CGTRO Grand Prix points have also been updated following todays meeting. Please Click Here to view the latest League points.

PLEASE REMEMBER- Saturday 26 September is NOT a points round for Trent, however Sunday 27 September IS a points round. Points at this meeting will be gained from the first two heats on the Sunday ONLY.

Sunday 09 August Details

We are pleased to confirm that we will be going ahead with the meeting scheduled for this weekend. The weather is looking like it's going to be kind to us this weekend so come down and join us for what promises to be a great day.
There will be a minimum of two heats, we will have a third heat time permitting. Final for all classes with the adults / ladies winner taking home beer or wine. The top three in the Junior Saloons and Specials will take home a trophy.
Gates Open 12.00noon Saturday. Scrutineering is 09.00am - 10.30am. First Race 11.00am

2015 Fastest Man On Grass

Let's support one of our leagues major meetings this year, the 45th Annual Fastest Man On Grass at Sturton is at the end of the month. Let's get this advert shared about and see the biggest FMOG possible.
Great trophies for all classes in the A final and the infamous titles that have made this event such a great one to attend.
Stock Hatch and F600 welcome with eligibility into the Fastest Man and Fastest Lady Races.

Main Advert Sponsors

Sunday 09 August - Message From Karl

Well what can I say, apparently the Nationals track is not very smooth. So why not save your cars and come and join us at Trent Autograss next Sunday 9th August. Racing starts at 11.00am, gates open at 12.00noon on Saturday. Come and enjoy some club racing before the BAS or UKAC, very friendly team. Hope to see you there and good luck to all that's left racing at the Nationals.

Nev's County Cup Challenge Activities

As well as all the entertainment that we have planned (see official leaflet), we have had a few people volunteer to take on activities / challenges to raise money. Please come and support us and take the michael out of them all for Macmillan Cancer Trust.

Karl Bedford & Nigel Thompson are having their legs waxed
Jak Bedford will be pulling a car from the gate to the commentary van
Peter Fletcher will be having his chest waxed.

If you'd like to volunteer for a challenge such as this, please contact Karl Bedford so we can advertise it as such.

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CGTRO Grand Prix

The points of the CGTRO Grand Prix are now online following the Trent Race Meeting.

Sunday 26 July Details

We are pleased to confirm that we will be racing this weekend at Grange Farm, Hougham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2AF. We look forward to welcoming you to all our fourth meeting of the season, including a round of the 2015 CGTRO Grand Prix.

For those racing at the Men's Nationals next weekend, this is the last chance to test your car or change to set up, so make the most of it and come on down for as many races as we can get in. For those not going to the Nationals, come on down so you don't get withdrawal symptoms with not racing next weekend!All classes are welcome to come down and have as many races as we can fit in, including Stock Hatchs and F600s who aren't going to their championship round.

Gates will open at 12.00noon on Saturday for those wishing to camp, fresh water is available on site with a friendly atmosphere for you and the kids to enjoy.

Other Times to Note:
Scrutineering: 09.00 - 10.30am
Signing On: 09.00 - 10.45am
Drivers Meeting: 10.55am
First Race: 11.00am

For more information of the times and event including intended race format, please Click Here

Upcoming Social Meeting

There is an open meeting at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, Ruskington this Wednesday night (17 June). All members welcome.

CGTRO Grand Prix Points

The Grand Prix Points have been updated following our meeting on Sunday.

Sunday 14 June - Points

Thank you to all that came to the meeting on Sunday, the points have now been updated. Albeit this is only round 2 of the Championship but Ryan Sayer in the Stock Hatch holds a steady lead in the Adults Tommy Crowden Shield and Chloe Reynolds in her Micra extends her lead to continue her mission of being the first ever double Junior Tommy Crowden Memorial winner.

Sunday 14 June - Update

As those around us will have realised, we have had some rain over Friday night and through today. Please be assured that we still intend to race tomorrow and we intend to stick by this. The weather has not affected as much as the nearest towns and with land that soaks quite well along with a far better forecast for tomorrow, we expect the dust to be flying in the second heat!

If you see any postings or comments suggesting that we have cancelled, please ignore unless posted on this website or by Karl Bedford. Any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call Karl who is down at the Track.

So come down and join us for some Club Racing At It's Best!

Sunday 14 June Details

We are pleased to confirm that we will be racing this weekend at Grange Farm, Hougham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2AF. We look forward to welcoming you all to our third meeting of the season, including a round of the CGTRO Grand Prix.

All classes are welcome to come down and have as many races as we can fit in, including Stock Hatches as well as any F600s not going to their Championship round.

Gates open 12.00noon on Saturday for those wishing to camp, fresh water is available on site.

Racing starts at 11.00am

For more information of the times and event including intended race format, please Click Here

CGTRO Grand Prix

The points of the CGTRO Grand Prix following Sturton's meeting on 07 June are now online.

Roll Cage Testing

NASA are considering holding some evening roll care measuring sessions. As with the last offer, this will only be made available if demand is high enough to warrant.

All cars taking part in either the Men's or Ladies & Juniors Nationals will have to be checked and passed before the respective event.

At the moment there are two available dates and venues. The first is at Blyton Park (Scunthorpe Race Venue). This will be on Tuesday the 9th June from 5.00pm until 8.30pm. The second will be one week later, 16th June, again from 5.00pm until 8.30pm. The venue for this occasion will be Bromsgrove, off Junction 5 of the M5.

The two dates and venues will be by appointment only, and will only go ahead if demand is high enough. After this, random testing will be taking place at race meetings across the country.

Anyone wanting to book in at either event will need to email or text Diane Tomkinson who will be co-ordinating the appointments on behalf of Vernon. Diane has requested that you not work due to her work commitments and that you either text or email with your Name, Car Number and a Contact Number for the person who is bringing their car. Diane's contact details can be found on the NASA Website.

New Website

Welcome to the new Trent Autograss Club website. This website has been redesigned by JB Marketing to improve the professional perception of the Club as well as ensuring the user-friendliness of the site. Hopefully the layout of this website will allow for clearer understanding of the website's content, not to mention the fact that this website should now appear perfectly on just about any device.

Sunday 14 June

To confirm, our intention is to go ahead with the meeting scheduled for Sunday 14 June. The final decision as to the status of the meeting (regarding weather) will be made on Thursday 11 June. Confirmation as to whether the meeting is on or not will be posted here and the NASA website first. If there is no news on this website, please assume we are still racing.

Juniors- for the first time since we started at this track, trophies will be available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the A finals of the Junior Saloons and Specials.

Next Social Meeting

The next Social Meeting will be held on the Wednesday following our next Race Meeting - 17 June 2015 at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub.

New Committee

Thank you to all that attended the Special General Meeting last night, the following people have been elected into the vancant positions:

Chairman - Karl Bedford
Vice Chairman - Andrew Godfrey
Secretary - Jo Bedford

Contact details can be found on the Committee page of this website.