2016 CGTRO Grand Prix

League Update Below

After the recent League Committee meeting that took place on Thursday 29th October, it has been decided that the CGTRO Championship will not be taking place in 2016.

The CGTRO Championship races take place at each CGTRO club meeting throughout the season with a Grand Final taking place at one of the final meetings of the year.

In 2015 the CGTRO Championship was rather poorly supported and when the Grand Final race took place at Trent on Sunday 11th October there were only 4 competitors for the senior race.

Whilst we know that the CGTRO race has been a part of the leagues race meetings for many years and it is part of the league's unique identification, the recent decline of interest has permitted the league to review the championships future.

The plan is to postpone the championship for 2016 and possibly reintroduce the championship in 2017.

Or is there an alternative?

We are open to ideas of possibilities to use the CGTRO Championship name and use it in another way. Do we create a new championship over so many rounds? or do we turn a single meeting into the CGTRO Championship?

If you have any suggestions then please comment to this post. We understand that the championship is important to our club and league members and we don't want to lose what is part of our League's history.

Please let us know your thoughts.